My Monitor is Not Sending Samples

Modified on Sat, 10 Feb 2024 at 02:58 PM

If your Crystal Water Monitor is no longer sending water samples to the our servers.

Please check the following:

  1. Confirm your mobile device is connected to the internet and that the internet is working in other apps. If the Crystal Water Monitor app cannot access the internet it may appear that the Crystal Water Monitor is not sending samples even when it is. Also note that the chart updates are sometimes delayed by up to an hour. Due to this you should only troubleshoot sample sending issues if the Crystal Water App says "Waiting for Samples" or "Troubleshooting Required".
  2. Next, walk out to your Crystal Water Monitor, remove the top shell, and briefly press the button. The device should quickly blink blue. This will instruct the device to take a sample and send it immediately. Now pay attention to the LED and wait for 5-20 seconds to see either a red blink or a green blink. Here's what the different colors mean:
    • Brief blue blink followed by a green blink - A sample was sent successfully to the cloud. It will take up to a minute for the app to update.
    • Brief blue blink followed by a red blink - A sample was taken but could not be sent to the cloud.
    • No brief blue blink - The batteries are likely dead, check the batteries and try again.
  3. If you received a red blink, you Crystal Water Monitor is having trouble connecting to the internet.
  4. Check that your WiFi network is functional on other devices.
  5. Try reconnecting the Crystal Water Monitor to your Wifi. Open the Crystal Water Monitor app, go to your pool or hot tub settings, tap on the Monitor row. Scroll down and tap on the WiFi row and answer Yes to the Reconfigure WiFi prompt. Now follow the instructions in the app.
  6. If you're not able to connect to your WiFi you may need to move your Crystal Water Monitor closer to your access point or expand your WiFi network with an additional access point or WiFi repeater.
  7. It is quite possible that your sensor has become disconnected from your monitor.  In this case, reconnecting the sensor to the monitor would get you back up and running.