Mounting Options

Modified on Mon, 08 May 2023 at 03:45 PM

The crystal monitor is meant to offer many mounting options to make installation and placement as flexible as possible. Currently we envision the following mounting options:

  • Flat surface - Mount to outside of a hot tub or to the pool equipment panel.

    • Attachment options: To an adapter plate which is attached using screws or adhesive

  • Pool side - Sit on the side of the pool and be as far out of the way as possible

    • Attachment options: to the pool side mount which is sitting on the side of the pool without being permanently attached. 

  • Pipe Mount - Attach to a ladder or other railing at the poolside

    • Attachment options: To an adapter plate that is attached via a cable tie through a round pipe adapter

  • Plumbing Mount - Attach to a pipe adapter that also holds the sensor.

    • Attachment options: To an the inline plumbing adapter which is glued into the plumbing